Mail Privacy Protection is bad news for email marketeers using services such as Mailchimp

iPhone emails are much harder to track now (Photo by on Unsplash)

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming solves one of the Mac’s biggest problems

Forza 7 on Xbox Cloud Gaming
Forza is go on the Mac with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Is the inevitable consequence of various court cases that Apple will ban free apps?

Might you have to pay for all apps soon? (Photo by William Hook on Unsplash)

Android Messages For Web gives you some of the iPhone magic with an Android phone

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

A missed opportunity with wild dolphins has taught me a valuable photography lesson

Don’t turn your back on expert help

Apple is planning to scan customers’ iPhones (Photo by Zhiyue Xu on Unsplash)

Don’t let your Mac desktop drown in clutter

Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X
Flight Simulator has arrived on Microsoft’s Xbox console in style

Here’s why I’m a complete convert to putting the Dock on the left-hand side on the screen

Mac desktop
The Mac Dock sits more comfortably on the left edge

1. It’s a better use of screen space

Screens are generally landscape format — more wide than deep. Yet…

Upload those large snaps in a… snap (Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash)

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