Here’s why I’m a complete convert to putting the Dock on the left-hand side on the screen

Mac desktop
Mac desktop
The Mac Dock sits more comfortably on the left edge

I’d always thought there was something wrong with people who put the Mac Dock on the side of the screen. Desperate attention seekers suffering from a deficit of parental love or some such. I was wrong. Spectacularly so.

For the past few months I’ve been working with the Dock stuck to the left-hand side of the screen and it’s a much better way of working — partly because of my slightly peculiar screen set-up, but mostly because it is just better for several reasons, which I’ll elaborate on here.

1. It’s a better use of screen space

Screens are generally landscape format — more wide than deep. Yet…

Upload those large snaps in a… snap (Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash)

Here’s how to cheat your way past size limits when you attempt to upload photos

One of life’s little frustrations is attempting to upload a photo to, say, a social-media site and having it blocked because the file is too large. Using TweetDeck here on my Mac, for example, the size limit for uploaded photos is 2MB — well below the file size that even most smartphone cameras will take these days.

There is a very quick way around this problem, though, particularly if you don’t have any photo editing software installed on your computer. …

The Noble Epic chair has made long office hours more bearable

Replacing my office chair with a gaming chair has proved to be a cracking business investment

A gaming chair might seem like a curious business investment, something that your accountant would raise an arched eyebrow at, even. However, hand on heart, I can say the £315 ($435) I spent on the Noblechairs Epic gaming chair is the best bit of money my business has spent in the past year.

Before I bought the Noble, I was sitting on a generic office chair I bought from PC World more than a decade ago. It was fine, reasonably comfortable even, but once…

Tame and tailor the Menu Bar at the top of the screen

Find out how to take control of the Mac Menu Bar and stop drowning in icons at the top of your screen

Once you’ve installed a few different apps and utilities on your Mac, the Menu Bar — that thin strip of screen real estate at the top of the screen — can become messy.

If, like me, you’re a bit of utilities hog, you can find you’ve got so many icons in the Menu Bar that they’re starting to crash into the Help drop-down on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here, then, are some tips on how to…

Windows 11 settings
Windows 11 settings
The Windows 11 Settings menu has been revamped

Microsoft has given its Settings menu a major overhaul in Windows 11

One of the biggest changes between the beta that was leaked ahead of the Windows 11 announcement and the official beta released last week is the Settings menu.

The menu has had a complete redesign, which might cause a certain amount of head-on-desk action for those of us who’ve been coaching relatives how to use the Windows 10 Settings instead of the Control Panel. That said, it’s a much cleaner design.

Each of the Settings categories running down the left-hand side of the screen now has its own…

British customers face EU roaming charges again (Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash)

EE’s excuse for the re-introduction of roaming charges is lamentable

The inevitable has happened. Freed from the EU laws that require it not to impose roaming charges within the bloc, EE has decided it will charge British customers £2 per day to use their data allowance in Europe. This must have been what Boris Johnson dreamed of when he said we’d finally be free from all that EU red tape…

EE’s excuse for imposing these charges ranks among the most desperate, non-sensical and embarrassing statements I’ve ever seen a tech company muster.

According to the BBC, EE said it was…

Don’t minimise windows when you’re working on a Mac

There’s one key thing you need to learn when shifting from Windows to Mac — ignore the minimise window button

It’s been 18 months since I switched from Windows to Mac as my day-to-day operating system and some habits die hard.

As difficult as anyone who’s seen the state of my office will find it to believe, I like a tidy desktop. I don’t like having windows strewn all over the place, stacked behind one another like you see in the screenshot above. …

Stream Deck console
Stream Deck console
The Stream Deck just received a massive update

The Stream Deck 5.0 update brings several massive improvements to the control panel

I wrote earlier this year about how the Elgato Stream Deck was everything Apple’s (seemingly doomed) Touch Bar could have been. A new software update for the Stream Deck that has just landed on my Mac makes the Stream Deck even better. Much, much better in fact.

To recap, the Stream Deck is a device ostensibly aimed at streamers, allowing them to donk a button and play sounds, special effects or social media promos while they are streaming.

I’m not a streamer — I have a face…

Mail won’t reveal what you’ve read anymore (Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

Find out how much data your email software reveals about you and what Apple’s doing to boost email privacy

I sent you an email last week. I know when you opened it, how many times you read it, and what links you clicked on in the email. I know where you read it from.

In fact, I’ve been watching you for months. I know when you do and don’t open my messages. And when I see you haven’t even bothered to open my email, I send you another one. Y’know. Just to make sure that you don’t forget me.


Find out what’s chugging power on your Mac (Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash)

Find out how much energy your Mac consumes when working, gaming, sitting idle and more

In the overall scheme of things, your Mac is unlikely to be doing a ferocious amount of damage to your energy bills or the environment. Macs, especially MacBooks, are pretty lean when it comes to energy consumption.

Nevertheless, it can be interesting to see how the power demand fluctuates on your Mac and what’s causing spikes in consumption.

My MacBook Pro 16in, for example, has a punchy 100W power supply, although the system rarely — if ever — drains the full 100W. How do I…

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