Microsoft to replace Outlook for Mac? It hasn’t fixed the ‘new’ one yet

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This is what the new Outlook for Mac looks like, so I’m told (picture: Microsoft)

How many things can you break at one time? Microsoft’s going to need a counter soon.

The “new” Outlook for Mac was released in mid-October, giving it a visual revamp to match macOS 11 (Big Sur to its pals).

Alas, while Microsoft was busy polishing icons it managed to break some of the fundamentals, such as support for email accounts. Y’know, the primary job of Outlook.

Consequently, when you attempted to flick the little switch in the software that promised to deliver “New Outlook”, you were warned you were going to cut off any accounts that use the IMAP/POP 3 protocol. Getting on for three months later, that’s still what I see today:

My email accounts are persona non grata

Consequently, I remain mired in what can now only be described as Old Outlook — which was never as good as the Windows version in the first place.

Nobody could really give a good explanation of why New Outlook couldn’t handle IMAP/POP 3 email. When I griped about this on Twitter a while back, the product manager for Outlook for Mac replied:

But, as I pointed out in reply to Jeffrey Kalvass, Outlook Mobile and the Windows 10 apps already have support for IMAP/POP3 3. He liked that tweet and then popped off…

Now there’s a Newer Outlook

Now I read reports that Microsoft is planning to heave both the Windows and Mac versions of Outlook into a dumpster and replace them with a new Outlook Web App, which I guess we should call Newer Outlook.

This so-called Project Monarch will be a single piece of code that works across all platforms, apparently, replacing the existing desktop clients as well as the Mail app in Windows 10.

It will, according to Windows Central, have a “much smaller footprint”, which is normally shorthand for a much smaller feature set. I wonder if IMAP/POP3 support will even make the cut.

Newer Outlook is apparently a year away, which gives me a bit of time to do what I’ve been gearing up to do for a while: ditch Outlook once and for all, and possibly the entire Microsoft Office suite with it.

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